Extreme fatigue

My husband has ppms. For the last couple of months hes been really well and happy. Yesterday at 3pm he suddenly changed at the click of a finger. He became angry and agressive and has now been asleep for nearly 17 hours straight. Is this normal? He’s not got up for the toilet or a drink.

Sorry that your husband is suffering with fatigue , it’s not normal but then neither are any of the symptoms with ms or any neurological disorder. I hope he feels better soon. Perhaps get in touch with an ms nurse. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi. I can go and sleep for up to 72 hours but I wake up or my daughter wakes me every 8 hours or so for a drink, a wee and my medication. I spoke to my Neuro and nurse and they said that instead of fatigue hitting me every day or so, I fight it at times, whether I’m aware or just used to keeping going through it, and once my body feels it can’t go any more it just stops…forcefully!

I’m concerned that he was rude before he went to sleep and that he’s gone so long without a drink or loo break. Sometimes we write too much off to ms. I’d call 111 and if necessary the paramedics or on call doctor can just make sure it isn’t something else.

Please let us know how you get on and if he’s okay.

Cath x

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Ahhh, sorry you’re so worried x. As a loving wife and Carer it’s a really difficult situation. Alas, mood swings and behavioural changes can affect some of us. (My family say I’ve had a whole personality change) and could cause wars through my own poor cognition & rudeness. It’s like I’m normal me until a brain switch goes off. I’ll drop to sleep eating at the table!

My poor hubby can’t do right for doing wrong and my shoulders are heavy with guilt at my dependence on him.

He knows I can sleep for England but ensures he wakes me to check I’ve taken meds & drank non fizzy juice at least every 4 hours. It’s essential for bladder, bowels and kidneys to function.

Have you read any of the publications available form the Home Page. Managing fatigue is a booklet, another is Cognition & Behaviour changes. With around 25 booklets, free of charge, either pdf or receive by post. A myriad of proper facts and where to find even more info, will help you to understand how your hubbys PPMS can affect him and hopefully will reassure you too.

Take care

Chrissie x

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