Occasional fatigue - is this MS?

Hello everybody,

I wonder if anyone can give an opinion of a strange but very debilitating problem that I get very occasionally. I’ve had this with migraines before and have associated it with those but I haven’t always had migraines with it.

last night at 9.00pm I settled down in bed to watch a program on TV. Within no time I felt myself slipping away into sleep and there was no stopping it. Usually I can stay up much later than this. I put the TV on timer in case I drifted off and tried to watch the program but decided to lay down and take my glasses off and listen to it. I switched off completely immediately and I was gone. It’s 10.22am the next morning and I am writing this after battling to wake myself up. I cannot wake up and I am forcing myself to sit up and try to come round.

I’ve had this before a few times and it can last a few days. Hubby is taking me for a haircut at 11.30 so I’ve got to get up.

Is this fatigue and is it related to having MS?

Thank you Flo

I assume the silence is because nobody knows.

Hi Flo, have you been diagnosed with MS? Cant tell from your post. Fatigue is extremely common in MS

Yes, I was diagnosed in 2008 with RRMS. This was after 13 years of problems. Now I’m SPMS.