Extended absence

Just a quick one to let everyone know that I had a fab holiday and I’m fine, but that I am really really busy and so I won’t be using the forum for the foreseeable. I also won’t be able to reply to private messages any more - sorry.

I’ll be back some time though!

Karen x

Everybody on here seems to be able to answer people’s questions pretty well in your absence so I’m sure everyone will continue to do so. Enjoy the break from the forum - everyone has things under control so don’t worry and enjoy. See you on here at some point in the foreseeable.

Glad you had a lovely holiday :slight_smile: Sam xx

Hi Karen, well of course you can never been replaced… but we’ve been doing ok on the board and everyone gets an answer (eventually! and much of it with info learned from you in the first place!).

Glad you had a good holiday and see you on here some time in future,

For now, take care,

Pat xxx

Hi Karen, enjoy your break and I hope that you are busy doing lovely things. I will miss your replies to posts because I love all the techy stuff etc. I have now been told that I dont have MS as the cervical lesion has gone. This may have been due to the avastin treatment that I had last christmas for radiation myelopathy as one neuro says. The second neuro (who thought I had MS) now thinks that I have suffered from partial transverse myelititis or ADEM and have just been left with some spasticity.

Anyway I am stilled glued to this forum in the hopes that I may get some answers for this dammed spasticity.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Hi Karen

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday, look forward to seeing

you back on the forum when you are less busy.

Pam x

you will be missed and I am glad to hear you are ok. You have worked so hard on this forum you should feel proud of yourself and also deserve a well earned break .

take care Karen and I wish you the best for the future and thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful advise.

Catherine xxxx

I hope your not going for too long rizzo, you are amazing on this forum. Glad you had a super holiday & hope you are busy with all things nice. Will be great to hear from you again, keep us posted with how your doing xxx

take care karen and all the best xxxjulie

Oh so that’s where you had gone! Looking through some of the older posts I’d noticed a lot of your helpful replies, but had a hunt to see when you’d last been around and found this. Glad to hear it’s for good reasons, well I hope the “busy” is good anyway! Faith

Can secondary progressive ms be explained, anyone please x

Hi KG.
You may want to try posting this question on the Everyday living board under its own heading.
I only stumbled on it (no pun intended) whilst lookoing for something else.

I have SPMS and my understanding is this indicates a gradual decline in future health.
i.e. it is a down hill slope in terms of symptoms with no intervening priods of remitance.
That said I’m hoping for a very gradual decline in my personal slope!

Hope this helps!
Take Care.