Exhausted and got a full day of training ahead

Went to bed at 8.30pm last night and still got up at 7am feeling like a zombie This is getting ridickulas.

Had training yesterday from 9.30am-4.30pm, nothing physical just academic but it really took it out of me. Got it again today so I suppose i can write off my night tonight, no doubt I will be in bed at an early time again.

How am I supposed to start a job in this condition? Think I will take a trip to the docs tomorrow and see if he will give me anything.

Hi Sparky, hope it goes ok today. Training is really hard work even if not physical or academic. Tires out the healthiest of people so no wonder you’re exhausted.

Early to bed tonight and really try to arrange the weekend as a time to really rest and recover.

Good luck in the new job.

Pat x

Hi Sparky Is the training material accessible, is there practical work. Can you get the material in an alternative format. Have you disclosed your situation to your employer/trainer? They see your potential as they have offered you the position. Good luck Mike