A bad day

today has been a really bad day. Yesterday I got my first referral to the neurologist. I’m trying so hard to stay at work but today was hard. I work 12 hour shifts in an intensive job and today I really struggled. When I got home I found myself falling over sideways which is a new symptom, and my eyesight was more blurred than it has been. I’ve given in and phoned in sick for tomorrow but now I worry that this is giving into whatever is causing these issues rather than fighting as I said I would. Grinds and family have tried to convince me it’s time to rest and that carrying on won’t help in the long run. I feel awful about this, like I’m letting myself, my work colleagues and my employer down. Has anyone else felt like this, and also has anyone got any tips on how I can help stabilise what happening to me so I can get back to work asap. Thanks

I’m newly diagnosed, so All I can tell you is what I’ve learnt so far. Listen to your body and rest. Not every day will be like this.

You will function much better once your body has had rest so if it means a day or two off work then so be it. You are your one priority

take care

I feel.what you are going through, I went to.doc with symptoms, sent to hospital and now going through all the tests. I took some time off as I couldn’t do it any longer… now still has me off until they know what’s going on. Try and not feel bad, easier said than done I know but at end of day you are only a number to your company and can be replaced…you however can’t be replaced by your family so do as they say, take whatever time you need to.get back on your feet…hope you feel better soon


sounds like you are having a crap time (sorry to hear this)

Fighting symptoms can be both good and bad, you should listen to your body and try various strategies, You have tried the straight fight - ignore / deny and you recognise that you need time off, so see how the time off works out for you. You will learn the safe thresholds for how hard to push. It can be important to let work& colleagues know before you have a problem that has consequences. If your employer is good and you are valued as an employee, they should be supportive. If the symptoms relate to a relapse and they support you through to remission then everyone wins and you can continue to be a productive employee.

I hope you feel better soon


Thanks for your replies. After speaking to my GP I’m going to self certificate for a week to see if rest can help. I’m also going to see the optician in a bit as my eyesight has suddenly got worse. Today I also have what I fear might be the first sign of tinatis as I have a constant buzzing in both ears. I feel like I’m falling apart. I guess this rubbish gets easier when you get a dx so know what Your Rae dealing with. For now it’s really frustrating.