Exercise and Clonus

Hi folks, I have started to use the powerplate at the gym because I read it was good for spasticity. I am also using leg weight machines etc. Yesterday after doing my powerplate regime I went to use the leg extension maching to work my quads. I seemed to have more problem releasing my quad after doin the lift as opposed to the lift itself. As I tried to release the weight to relax the quad my quad muscles seemed to judder their way down to relaxation. I hope I am makin sense. Also after doing the calf exercises they wanted to contine all on their own. I was wondering if this is clonus as I only ever get it after exercise.

I am wondering if I am in a catch 22 position - I need to exercise in order to strenghten but am I going to make the spasticity worse!

Moyna x

Hello Moyna, Have you been assessed by a Physio? I apologise if you have covered this before in other posts, my memory is poor at the moment :confused: I have started going to a Physio run gym at the Hospital and she said to me that you have to start very slowly and gradually build up, they are pretty strict. I have ankle clonus and some spasticity. At the moment I have to do 2 minutes on different machines, bed exercises and 3.5 minutes on a running machine but just walking. I believe exercise is important but it needs to be the right type etc. Sam x

I’m with Sam on this - it’s best to get personal advice from an expert, ideally a neurophysio. Exercise can temporarily worsen symptoms so normally I would say not to worry about it, but spasticity is something I don’t know enough about to be sure that the wrong exercises aren’t doing more harm than good. Btw, I’m not sure it’s clonus, but it certainly sounds like it’s spasticity & upper motor neuron related. Karen x

Thanks folks - I have been to physio although we have worked mainly on my gait. She has said to do exercises slowly. I am an impatient type of person and I have been going at it too hard I think.

Thanks for your input.