Excruciating goosebumps


got a new freaky trick today.

hadn’t shaved my legs or anything, and got excruciating goosebumps all down both my legs.

I yelled out and had to really look at my legs…but nothing to see but big fat goosebumps.

I am trying to understand my new “normal” but it’s odd when you get new weird things.


‘Goosebumps’ are caused the muscle in the skin/dermis that is attached to each hair called the arrector pili pulling the hair so it stands upright. So when the body feels cold or under stress the intension is to trap air that warms.

Unfortunately the homo sapien does not have much hair so as insulation it does not really work.

All I can suggest is keep warm?

Good luck



I too have these strange goosebumps. And not only when cold or stressed. Sometimes it just happens for no apparent reason and can happen just on 1 arm/leg. Its weird and feels strange. Sometimes it just happens in 1 small area and nowhere else. Just a patch where they are but the rest of my arm/leg is ok. Very strange feeling.


Yes, I thought goosebumps were when you were cold or creeped out…I was neither so yeah, totally vicious goosebumps.

I felt like a bit of a drama queen squealing like a pig, dancing like I was being shot at…in my nightie in the kitchen.

thx Jan and George x


Excrutiating goosebumps? Hmmmmm, first thing which popped into my mind was shingles.

Hope you are feeling better.