Evoked potentials?

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the beautiful weather here. It is amazing how much more upbeat everyone is for a little sunshine!

I have popped on and asked questions a couple of times but each time they seem to have disappeared and I cannot find either my own post nor if anyone has answered.

Anyway I will try for the third time and see if this appears. Today I had evoked potentials which were the somatosensory for only upper body, visual and auditory. The visual was pretty yukk and I had to rip off the electrodes to go and throw up as I felt as if I was on an extreme rollercoaster and the stimulation of my wrists was painful and took an age as he said the signal in my right arm was too weak and my neck was too tense. Anyway all done now and though I am sooo tired and sore, I am glad it is over with.

My question is to you knowledgable people, IF (it is a big if at the moment) whatever it is that is going on, IS MS then would both sides be the same or could they still be different. There is definately a difference in weakness, pins and needles and nerve pain between arms and shoulders. The positive thing too is that both are definately improved from this time last year and the year before.

The neuro of course latched on to the fact that I have a ‘stressful life’ and indicated that this is likely to be functional neurological disorder or whatever it is called but at least ordered the EPs and a brain MRI.

Sending sunshine and health and happiness vibes to you all and thanks once again for your support, regardless of what (if anything) is going wrong with my body.


Quick answer is that MS is more often asymmetrical than symmetrical, so most people have differences between sides of the body.

Enjoy the sunshine, and I hope you get the results soon!

Karen x

Hi Jacqui!

I know nohing about anything but I do know the posting & losing it was happening to me until I realised that sometimes you have to do that letter/number thing (word verification) to prove you are not a machine!! I was missing it & going off to another page so losing my posts!!

BIG LONG ONES TOO!!! (lucky you lot I hear you say!! LOLOL)


Dear Jacqui

From what i know and have seen, asymmetrical symptoms is very common in MS. 99% of my symptoms are on the L. My niece calls it my broken side - I have to laugh!

I hate these neuros that go down the whole - I think you’re stressed and anxious! Not that I’m saying that stress and anxiety can’t cause some of these symptoms but I think they say these things when they can’t find answers or want to buy some time to see what happens. In addition stress can be one of the triggers for MS!

My neuro turned to my partner and asked how anxious I’d been on a scale of 1-5 whilst I was in the room. I’m glad you’re still being investigated, though I wouldn’t want to have MS knowing there’s a cause for your symptoms can sometimes be a big relief and putting it in context there are worse and more scary things out there - you have to look on the bright side :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post Jacqui, I’ve had my MRI, bloods, EMG and the neuro had asked if I wanted an LP/EVP after stating he thought I needed not to concentrate on my symptoms and but couldn’t say I did/didn’t have MS.

I’m weighing up what I want to do (neuro review tomorrow) so your post on EVP’s was really interesting.

Hope you get some answers to what’s happening to your body soon.



Thanks so much everyone for your answers and thanks for letting me know why my posts have been disappearing too! I am clearly too impatient and haven’t read properly.

Reemz good luck at the neuro review today. I take it the MRI/bloods etc came back clear? I hope something moves forward for you and you get some answers.

Enjoy the day everyone and I hope it is good for all.

Karen, as ever, thanks for all your wonderful work.