Evoked potentials test results Help...

Hi everyone, I had my nerve test, he wanted to do a full one with vision too as he asked about my symptoms, he had a student in with him so he was talking her through the procedure & the readings he was getting from me, now i can recall him saying 93 whilst doing my visual test, does this number sound normal or abnormal, obviously i have nothing to compare this too with the other side reading But i was hoping someone may know something haha? well, my hubby came in with me & was sitting directly opposite the screen, pretty close too, they done my right wrist first, then my left, he said he didnt see a problem there, my right foot test was next, now That Really hurt! the continual zapping was starting to make me feel sick But when it was put on my left I could barely feel it, although I was told it was at the same strength. Anyway, hubby said the right side readings were different to my left, he said they were wider apart on my left readings. Anyone know anything with the info I’ve gave lol? Pretty nervous about the results as I’ve been told these tests can basically give you answers? Mrs C x

It’s not really possible to say about the number 93 because different types of stimuli have different norms (and these vary by age too) and it would depend which measure they were talking about.

A normal result would be similar between sides, so the left side being “wider apart” from the right side sounds like it might be abnormal. Whether or not it is significantly abnormal is the important thing though, e.g. it’s normal for someone to have one foot slightly bigger than the other, but it’s significantly abnormal for this to be 3 sizes different - same goes for nerve conduction!

Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait for the report!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, much appreciated! On yes, I had my second opinion back from my MRI & I was told something is slightly going on in that area but nothing that would cause all my symptoms. I was in a car accident 4 years ago which resulted in severe whiplash & back pain so I’m guessing the neck issue is possibly from that but silly me completely forgot to ask if it could be as he moved on so quickly to talk about the nerve test. Thanks again x

Hi Mrs C

You might find this slide show helpful, especially around slide 10. Seems that a P100 speed of about 100 is average. I think a lower number means faster and is generally better, as nerve damage slows the speed. Greater than 110 is considered beyond the normal maximum for people under 60 years old, above this age the normal max extends to120. However, the readings for both eyes should not diverge too much (even if both are within normal max) and a difference above 10 ms would be considered a gross abnormality evenso. However, you also have to bear in mind that different testing centres calculate their own norms and maxes to some degree to take account of slight differences in how each centre performs the test and equipment variations, so these figures are approximate.