Everyone around me is telling me my symptoms are due to stress when I am the happiest I have ever been. It's sending me crazy!

I am in the limbo of waiting for a diagnosis and test results.

Friends and family are all telling me that my symptoms are most likely due to not managing my stress, when I am in the best place I have ever been in my life (a few flaws and bumps of course, like everyone, but nothing dramatic apart from my health). Neurologists initial notes also said that It is all most likely due to stress. But I am not stressed!

I am currently the happiest I have been in so long but I have a history of chronic anxiety and depression, but last year I finally reached a place of happiness and positivity, and I have been so proud of the dramatic progress I have made. I can over think and be a tad neurotic, but I don’t feel I have a problem the way I used to. I told the neurologist this and he has ignored it, I am telling my friends and family this and the consensus is that I must have something ‘deep within’ that I am not dealing with.

I am awaiting for MRI results after onset of one side facial weakness which has spread to my entire left side body and includes exhaustion and pain. I also had a MRI scan in 2010 showing demyelination.

I feel angry for multiple reasons:

  • I don’t feel like anyone is listening to me
  • My friends and family are treating me like my supposed mental health problem isn’t allowing me to understand my situation and so all my own opinions are being dismissed.
  • The situation of people surrounding me telling me that I am not happy and it’s making me sick, and that I need to seek mental support and not physical support is a very distressing situation, and harder to deal with than waiting for test results.

I don’t know what to do :frowning: Is anyone else going through anything similar?

The only way to resolve a difference of opinion is to inject a little fact into the discussion, and that is what the MRI results should do. MRI machines don’t deal in opinions.

So rather than go round in circles with you nearest and dearest, I would suggest gritting your teeth as best you can and nodding and smiling for now. No point banging your head against that brick wall any more than you can help. Wait and see what the test results say, then you can take it from there.


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You are right about just gritting my teeth and waiting for more facts. Thanks Alison, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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That is the problem once you have had anxiety and depression, every illness afterwards is due to that. The fact you have moved forward and got yourself well, shows a person with strong determination, not a weak person.

As you recovered from this hiccup, then you are strong enough now to stand up to these people, and tell them you know your own body, and you know your not well. Your not fixating on anything in particular and just want to be physically well again.

As you have hard proof of a demylinating event then its not in your mind is it. Hold onto that one fact.

If its MS it will show itself. Until then just take a big deep breath and relax, and chill, like you dont care. I have been through all of this, i felt like i was invisible. No one believed me i wasnt well even with positive stuff on tests, because i am so strong, and can cope with things, and do things. If i had fallen apart and became bed ridden perhaps they would have taken me more seriously, but i am not like that, i am POSITIVE and strong, which was my undoing.

10 years i have struggled with why cant you come to a party, visit, etc blah blah, because i am tired and fatigued, on and on, why do you need a wheelchair, oh do you need a wheelchair, so many things i was just ignored.

Now finally I have a letter which states this lady has MS, and its primary progressive so go and stick that in your pipe and smoke it lol… so now suddenly my family have all gone quiet on me lol.

You know how you feel, dont let people dismiss you. Your a warrior a strong person, you will get answers if you believe. x

I get where you are coming from! I know my body and I know something isn’t right ! I suffered with depression in the past but now I am so happy I love my job I love my boyfriend I am not depressed, I suffer with anxiety sometimes but I always have. The only thing making me depressed is people assuming I am just moaning all the time. These aches and pains are just life - they said to me. But I know something isn’t right. Just want a diagnosis so it can stop looking like I’m making it up :frowning: