Essentially normal??

Hi anyone know what essentially normal m.r.i and spinal results mean?

i really vexes me with how vague doctors are with results.

either ring the place where it was done or ask your gp to find out for you.

carole x

I would think it means that those particular test results are unremarkable and give not pointer to a diagnosis.

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I would agree with the above…nowt noticed to worry about.

My 4 mris, 2 lps, 2 emgs and I vep, plus oodles of blood tests never showed anything wrong.

Yet I still had severe mobility problems, troublesome bladder and bowels.

I was mis-diagnosed with PPMS for a few years and then it was changed to HSP…

hereditary spastic paraplegia.


I would ask for a copy of the actual report.

I’m not a medical person but would presume it to mean that the results haven’t shown anything of significance. This was what it meant for me with my ‘normal’ MRI scans.

But as others have suggested, do talk to the doctor who requested the test, or at least your GP.

All the best.