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Stewart & Steph (admin)

I keep getting kicked off site with a message saying error when I try to respond to a thread. So I’m checking to see if it happens on this.



How is the site for you now, Janhh?

Stewart (admin)

Still can’t post on the topic I wanted to, which seems very odd as I can post on other threads.

Jan x

Have you tried the quote facility Jan on the thread you’re having problems posting on? xx

Blossom, I replied to you saying I had tried the reply facility and had just tried the quote. I then finished by pasting the reply I had been having problems with to see what happened…I got the error message again. I’m going to send Stewart a pm with a copy of the message I’m having problems with to see what happens…I’ll let you know.

Thanks Jan x

I have just sent Stewart and you (Blossom) a copy of the post and both messages failed. I wonder if it has anything to do with a smiley I added…

I tried numerous times to reply this afternoon but kept getting kicked ou so here goes one last time…

The only benefit I can see in having your MS clarified is if you are RR you may get the option of meds. Others may say otherwise but I can only repeat what my MS Nurse tells me…“at this point in time there isn’t any treatment for SP or PP MS”

Until about four years ago I had been RR for approx 18 years, no treatment for me as I didn’t have/report sufficient relapses and I did just fine, had I been on meds the meds would be getting the thumbs up for keeping me well.

I am now SP and still don’t have the option of treatment…Such is life

If they give you any options regarding medication, take your time and do your homework…if they offer you a specific drug research it or post a specific topic on here regarding that drug and people will give you their experience of it.

I hope you keep well and just for the record I agree with Sewingchick and JBK

Jan x

BINGO I deleted the Smiley and it posted I can only assume it was because I copied and pasted the entire message with a smiley and for some reason it doesn’t work with a smiley. I’ll go post it in the thread it was intended for now.

It doesn’t take much to keep me happy

Jan x