Hi hope every one is well as can be. It’s been quite somtime since last posted. I have been on ESA for 2 years and went right in to the support group without f2f assessment. I have now received ESA 50 form in post to complete again. I was under impression if u were in support group and had condition like MS you wouldnt be asked to do assessment again as condition unlikely to improve. Has this not come in to force or am i totaly mistaken. Just freaking me out thought of filling out form then waiting on dreaded envelope arriving again.

As I understand it you need to be assessed again as your last assessment was before the change was brought in. I hope things wont be to stressful for you.

You need to be SPMS to avoid reassessment. Perhaps check your symptoms to see if you are SPMS

if you aren’t already.

Having MS is not automatically a passport to ESA. If you meet the requirements laid out below it means no more repeated assessments.

One of the following Functional Support Group (LCWRA) criteria must be met.

Mobilising 50m

Transfer independently


Picking up and/or moving

Manual dexterity

Making yourself understood

Understanding communication

Weekly incontinence

Learning tasks

Awareness of hazards

Personal actions

Coping with change

Engaging socially

Appropriateness of behaviour

Unable to eat/drink/chew/swallow or convey food or drink

If one of the above criteria is met, all four of the following criteria must also be met.

The level of function would always meet limited capacity for work related activity

Lifelong condition once diagnosed

No realistic prospect of recovery of function

Unambiguous condition