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Can I ask has anyone in the ESA Support Group been sent a capability for work questionnaire recently

I’ve been in the support group for 4 years, I thought the idea was they accepted PPMS would never improve has this changed ,

I’m going to check on Monday why I’ve got this form but thought I would ask on here first


I received one recently and I have to fill it in and return it by 6th Feb or lose my benefit. Im a little confused by it and why have I even received it. I have PPMS and the clue is PROGRESSIVE. They should try living with it. Ive really got work at the top of my priorities.

I’m in the South-East and haven’t had a ‘capability for work questionnaire’. But then I don’t have PPMS, but I am


Perhaps the DWP is collecting data on who is progressive. How many people no longer need reassessments?

Well, when I phoned the ESA folk last week, and explained I now have SPMS, they added a note to my file and said, this November I am due for an ESA review and should include my neuro’s letter then.

He mentioned they are: “making changes for some people who shouldn’t have another ESA review because of SPMS.”

Hopefully, November will be my last ESA harassment.


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I had mine come through in October, I just assumed that I’d been one of the last few to have to fill in the WCA after the announcement was made that people with ‘lifelong conditions who are never likely to work again’ wouldn’t have to complete another one. I did mine and am really hoping that it’s the last one. At least I didn’t have to have a one to one assessment. I suspect that’s because the evidence I sent was pretty unequivocal: Progressive MS and severely disabled. There’s no chance I could work. Sue