Hey all, Im just looking for some advice really?

If I got a payment that covers me from the 21/01/2012 to the 03/02/2012, when would I recieve another payment?

How much is Imcome related ESA?

I would be greatfull for some answers…

Kylie xxx

Hi Kylie,

I receive ESA every 2 weeks.The amount you get depends if you get income related or what group you are in there is either the support group or work related group.



im in income related ESA,and it says 21/01/2012 to the 03/02/2012 does this mean ill get paid tomoz.

Kylie xx


You can check amounts at


Is ESA Income related, Mean they dont think i’m not ready to work yet?

Kylie x

is income related ESA higher then Work related ESA?

Kylie x

The two groups are Support group or work related

Have a look here

Hi Kylie,

it’s a lot to get your head round but you get contribution based ESA if you have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions. The exact amount depends on the group that you have been put into. WRAG Work related activity group or SG Support group. You could be in either group and get income related or contribution based depending on your previous working life. The decision to give you contribution or income based is nothing to do with your condition it is based just on your contributions.

Income based ESA is reduced by other income coming into the household (that of a partner, pension, savings etc) so it is highly unlikely to be higher than than contribution based.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the dates. The last letter I had about my ESA gave the date range as 09/09/2011 to 01/12/2011 but I’m still receiving the money every 2 weeks.


It sounds to me that you have only just started to claim ESA?

For the first 13 weeks you will be in the assessment phase and you would be paid according to age

A single person aged under 25 up to £53.45
A single person aged 25 and over up to £67.50

From week 14 you would then be placed in either the work related group or support group and be paid

A single person in the Work Related Activity Group up to £94.25
A single person in the Support Group up to £99.85

These amounts do change depending on any other income coming into the house.

These rates will be changing from April

Iv been claiming it since may, they didnt accept me so I put in an appeal and now they have gave me EAS income related.

Kylie x

It should say on the letter you recieved what group you are in also.

Income related is not the group

It should say work related or support group