Employment and Support Allowance - a question

is there anyone out there who knows all about ESA?

I have been awarded ESA - an amount broken down into "living expenses" , "Extra money because you are in the Support Group" and "Personal Health Insurance or work related pension for you" (whatever that might mean!) and "you are not entitled to income-related Employment and Support Allowance" that last bit I do understand.

However, I don't know how often this amount is payable, though I am led to believe it is fortnightly, and is there a time limit on this - I've heard people talking about only receiving benefit for 12 months.

I tried ringing Benefit Centre - continually engaged - please try later.  Held for 20 minutes one day and then got cut off!


The 12 month rule applies to contribution based ESA for people in the work related group. After 12 months they revert to income based ESA which might mean no payment if they have a working partner, occupational pension etc.

As you are in the support group the 12 months thing does not apply. You will continue to get contribution based ESA until they change the rule again!


Thanks Jane, that clears it up, I am not in work related group, so until they shift the goalposts again I will be ok!