esa work group what happens next

Having been fortunate enough to have put into the woork related group of ESA i'm unsure as to what happens next. How long is it untill they start hounded me to find a job.I received my letter on the 22 september and heard nothing untill today when a p45 came in the mail. would appreciate anyadvice as to what i should do. I jst feel very lucky to have been put into the work related group as i know afew people where ilive have ben delacred fit to work, ad are just as unfit as i am.




The first thing that should occur is that a personal advisor from a jobcentre should get in touch with you.

They will give you help and advice with your job goals, skills, strengths and abilities. They will help you with the steps to take to help find suitable work. They will discuss your ideas, problems and any other work related issues you want to talk about. It would be an ideal opportunity to talk about your individual issues & concerns.

It may affect your entitlement to Employment and Support Allowance if you refuse to go to the work-focused interviews or to take part fully in the work-focused interviews

The idea is not to hound you into a job but let's be honest there are not that many about.


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Thanks for you rhelp am i rihgt in thinking they won't force yyou you take a job if its not suitable.

 helloFiona don't worry about this too much as in my experience you won't be forced to go for any interviews or even look for a job. I had to attend 5 work focused interviews at JC+ one each month from April-August last year and my advisor couldn't have been more helpful.  She arranged transport to pick me up and take me back home each time and the interviews were over and done with in less than 10 minutes on each visit, it was more a quick chat to see how I was really but they have to go through the motions with everyone placed in the WRAG. These advisors aren't stupid and I think they can suss out the genuine cases from the workshy and with a condition like MS they use their common sense and don't push it. I had already worked for 40 years before I had to stop due to my MS getting worse so she knew I would work if I could so maybe that also had something to do with it, who knows? My ESA has been paid since May 2010 but as it's contribution based and the 1 year rule may be enforced next April I'm waiting to see what happens next. nervousxx


Thanks for your e-mail

And the advice. I'm still in limbo  land and have been for years like you I worked until whatever this is stopped me. I'm also my mum's carer and I hope this does not go against me. If I could get work which I could do on my computer in the house I would do it gladly. I had looked into training courses for  Microsoft Office.  A chap phoned me about it when I told him about my problems his attitude changed instantly.



Hi Fiona,

"'I'm also my mum's carer"

Coud you claim carers allowance for looking after your mum? She needs to be getting DLA at middle or higher rate for care or AA . As you are claiming ESA you wouldn't get any money but it would give you a premium on means tested benefits like CTB and HB.




PS If you are claiming DLA for yourself be careful that your caring duties are not in contradiction to your own stated needs/disabilities. It is possible to be a carer AND claim DLA but only if the care you provide is within your capabilities. (For example a physically disabled peron could provide excellent care for someone with mental health problems who could in turn provide physical aid.)

I was thinking the same as you Ronin.

jaki xx

Well let's ask others in the WRAG - have you ever been hounded to get a job/sent on interviews/made to attend workshops or threatened with having your ESA stopped if you didn't? cat

My son has been put in the WRAG group 2010 and had to attend a job recruitment centre for 6 weeks.  That was a year ago.  The government pulled the plug as they cost the earth, plus as they found out - there aint any jobs out there, especially for the 'disabled' which my son is too.  Hes since had to attend the jobcentre twice this year just to check hes actively looking for work but there is no compulsion to force people in this category.  No proof was needed but sadly my son really wants to work, just cannot find anyone to employ him.  The jobcentre just printed off a list of jobs and he was told to come home and apply himself!!!!  Not bad considering he cannot read nor write adequately.  Hes had lots of interviews for literally any job but never gets offered a position.  He has a speech and language problem too.


How I feel for those who cannot work and are put into the wrong category and those genuinely wanting to work but nobody will employ them.  Then there is the added stress of monies being taken away once the proposed rules change on contributory ESA in April.  Apparently letters are being sent out telling those on such who are likely to lose monies.  Id like to know what happens then, people cannot live on fresh air, nor get a job if our experience is anything to go by.  Although some could freeze this winter (sorry for the sarcasm but I get so annoyed).


Hope this info helps.







Bren the whole system is a complete mess letdown the disabled are being shafted letdownand the people who are profiting from it are ATOS with their multi million £s contract. angryI hope that your son gets the practical and financial support he needs.  catxx

This sounds like a postcode lottery different in areas im in  high unemployment area ie North Ayrshire..My CV has been on line on various job sites for nearly a year and  there hardly any interest. They want me to work thye find me somehitng to do that is safe

I'm more confussed now than ever.

Me too, i do think its another postcode lottery,because there are a lot of very different experiances,across the country, i am going to join the benefits and works website, they have all sorts of information.

jaki xx

I too a in the work related group, my advisor thinks I have been put in the wrong group and shouldn't be looking for work. He wants me to get a letter from my neurologist for his support in moving me to the support group. It is so infuriating that we should have to deal with this along with our illness where others, like my sister, get all the benefits under the sun because she is a single mum and doesn't have to look for a job despite being perfectly well. (sorry to be stressy) letdown