Rudd: Disabled benefits claimants feel ‘on trial’ during assessments.

The cabinet minister wants to do more to “close the gap” between her department’s intentions and the experiences of claimants.

Key points:

A speech announcing a series of changes to the way disabled claimants would be treated in the future.

"Some disabled people have said to me that they feel as though they are put on trial for seeking the state’s support.

Rudd made the following 4 announcements:

  • 270,000 disabled pensioners will not be subject to repeated assessments to check their eligibility for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) from this spring.
  • A softening of the benefits sanctions regime for some claimants
  • A new pilot scheme to test the viability of merging Work Capability Assessments (WCA) and PIP assessment, to create a "more joined up claimant experience"
  • To upgrade the government’s target of getting a million disabled people into work by 2027, to make it more ambitious

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I wonder who it was that forced her to vote for every single Tory austerity policy and welfare cut? The Guardian has a less rosy view, but rather more accurate I think.

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