Ergonomic Chairs

Hello everyone,

Can anybody suggest a ergonomic office chair, and where to buy one? A company that will not rip me off.

I am using a laptop more and more from home and sitting on a sofa is not doing my back or my circulation any favours.

I know you can pay upwards of a £1000 for a good chair, this may be worth the money, but this option is just too expensive.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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If you do a search on ‘second-hand office furniture’, you might find something worth considering. Even better is if you know of a local outlet so you can actually try (sit!) before you buy. Good-quality stuff tends to be stupidly expensive from new, but it can be possible to pick up something used but perfectly good for a fraction of the price - with a bit of luck.


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Hi serenity

Find your nearest branch of Staples. Go in and try their range - then you can order a suitable one for home delivery.

Do not buy without trying! I did that just once and what looked good in the picture is not so good in real life.


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Would you be better off in a recliner chair?

I ask this because you mention your circulation may be at risk.

Are you seated a lot of the time?

I am and have been advised by an OT to sit with your legs up as much as possible.

I sit with a beanie tray and laptop on my outstretched legs.


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