Erectile Dysfunction

I know this is a subject us bloke dont like bringing up… no pun intended. But im not shy and would appreciate any feedback.

I was prescibed Viagra: But it makes my head pound & is not a very spontaneous method.

Then Cialis: But was only prescribed 4 tablets a month. One tablet stays in the body for approx 36hrs, so 4 a month is useless. Urology then wrote out a prescription for me so that i could have a 5mg tablet of Cialis everyday… but my GP will not release that amount of medication for me.

Urology have now suggested the penal injection, but have warned me about its dangers.

So my question is: Has any one out there/on here had this injection & how did they find it ?

Thanks (sexualy frustrated Dave) :frowning:

Come on lads. No replies!!! Dave - I’m with you mate, although I can’t offer any advice. Al

No worries Al… people are private messaging me. My advice so far is to cellotape a stick to their ‘willy’ and hope it doesnt get wet.

The mind boggles…


Hi Dave, Viagra worked for me. Can’t say i know anything about penal injections, but if you’ve been warned of danagers i would think long and hard (no pun intended) before going down that road. Tim

Haaaaaaaaa Tim, no pun taken. Yes Viagra does work, but i find it un-spontanious. Im a single bloke now, and have found myself in situations with a lady … the moments right … wack a bit of Barry White on (if you know what i mean)… but then have to wait an hour for the viagra to kick in before playtime ! Cialis is the alternative method as one 20gm tab its in your system for 36hrs. Ive been prescibed 4 tabs a month which is hardley (no pun intended), going to last a full month. Urology wanted to change it to a 5mg tab everyday, but my GP wont allow that much to be released to me :frowning: … The danger i was told about with the injection, was that it could leave you with a permanent erection which you have to go to surgery for to drain the bloodflow. Its only a slight chance of that happening, but i suppose they have to tell you the dangers before they prescribe that method like everyting else.

Im willing to try anything, as its caused the breakup of my last two relationships now. Thank god i had my 2 children before all this happend.

Its a hard life… I WISH ! (Pun intended)

I’m married. 4 tablets a month would be just fine!!! (Hope the wife doesn’t read this!!!). If you are…love ya babe!!!

Dave, Do you have MS Matters magazine ? There is an advert about three pages from the back that might be of interest. Hope it’s helpful! Nina x

No, i used to get the magazine, but youve just reminded me… i havent had one for a while now. Must check my MS Society subsciption

Interesting. The reason why viagra/ciallis does not work on women is because it does nothing for your libido. And for many blokes with MS it is fatigue, mild depression, stress and middle age that are more likely to be the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Besides, being able to go like an old steam train all night is not usually what the ladies want, from my admittedly limited experience.

Just posted on the baclofen v alcohol post, but if you add viagra/ciallis into the mix then things do get interesting.

However, being able to go like a steam train all night does wonders for our ego but, despite what they say, I suspect most lasses would rather get off by more subtle methods…often not requiring the little blue diamond…tell me if I’m wrong ladies…!

Hi Dave

I’ve come a bit late to this post (nope, no puns here…), but I hope I’m able to give you some useful feedback.

I have been using penile injections for 20 years - used to be Papaverine until that was withdrawn for use in erectile dysfunction, and now use Caverject (alprostadil). The horror stories that you hear about everlasting erections requiring surgical intervention are all true - but only an issue if the user has either not enough sense, or too much bravado - including the sort that comes in bottles…

It’s all about using the right dose. With me, that’s around 7 microgrammes. It comes in 10 microgramme doses, so 2/3 ish of a full syringe. That dose will keep me ‘up and running’ for an hour or so, far surpassing the performance of all but the most gifted.

You find the right dose by experimentation - clearly starting low (5 microgrammes) and moving up. I wouldn’t suggest doing this in a ‘live’ situation with anything other than a well informed partner, because if you’re trying to be Joe Cool while worrying if it’s going to work or not, you’re not going to enjoy it, and neither are they. You can, of course, do your experimentation alone…

You do need to have a sense of humour the first time you stick that needle in, but practice, as ever, makes perfect. You can also ‘nip off to the loo’ and return before it has taken effect, which might be handy for new partners unaware that you have erectile dysfunction, if that is an issue for you.

As you are single, and so more likely to have new partners, you may want to stay away from the alternative ‘pump and ring’ system referred to in a reply above, at the back of MS Matters magazine, the SOMAerect Stf system, as returning to bed in triumph from the loo with a thick rubber band around your willy may take a little explaining. That’s a luxury us married men have over you!

Other stuff:

Viagra works, but I also get pounding headaches with it, and the (fairly weird) ‘blue vision’ side effect, so I generally steer clear of the stuff, though it’s easier to have in your jeans pocket than a syringe and hypodermic needle… Cialis also tried, but for some reason didn’t work (perhaps a dosing issue), so junked in favour of known trustworthy methods.

All of the medications and injections have restrictions on frequency of use - the only method that you could go for every day, apart from having a permanent penile implant (it’s true…) would be the pump/ring device, so the sooner you bring your partner up to speed about your disability, the easier your love life will be if frequency is an issue - which means don’t be shy with her, either…

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much Emrys, that really helped me a lot. (loved the pun at the begining). It seems you have the same reactions as me regarding Viagra & Cialis, i found your post an interesting read.

Yes i am single (for this very reason), so nipping off to the bathroom & returning with a plastic ring round my… !!! … is not an opption for me. I think said new lady friend & I in ‘Barry White mode’ would be out the door within seconds :frowning: … lets not metion oral, that would be even worse her banging her mouth on that thing… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!

Your comment about the injection has reasured me as i posted this thread to find a person who had tried it, so thanks for that. I have another urology app next week so will try the injection route. Its not like im a rampant beast or anything, so i wont be needing it everyday to cause harm. I will explain to the urology nurse my findings on here and on the internet and just try it… what have i got to lose. At least if i do end up in A&E with a permanent erection… the staff there will remember me :wink:

Whos this guy: ‘No idea nurse, hes just come’ ! No pun intended :wink: haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thanks Emrys

Hi Dave

Good luck next week with your urology appointment. The good news is that the injection method really does work, and in 20 years I haven’t been found in A&E wearing baggy trousers and a manic grin…



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