Hi Guys, Just wanted some help regarding seeking employment and having MS. The last time I was employed It was before I had any visable disability. I am now looking to return to the work environment, but this time I have an extra friend (wheelchair) to join me. I have always done front of house and admin jobs, so I’m of the impression that if a job is done sitting down and I have the skills/experience, then there is no reason that I cannot do it using a wheelchair. However, I am very consious that regardless of the DDA, in a property or environment isn’t suitable for a wheelchair, then it is reasonable that the prospective employer will feel I wouldn’t be suitable (purely because of the environment). I also get that employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to cater for someone with a disability, but if the building structure itself isn’t suitable (i.e older buildings with narrow door ways etc) then, again that is understandable that they can’t cater for a wheelchair. So, going on this basis, I am checking out on google maps the building of the companies I am applying to, to check they look like a catering environment and also, avoiding 'small offices or jobs that will probably involves working in a small space. I also have every intention of stating on the application form or when I get an interview, explaining that I will be using a chair and checking that the environment can accomadate, as I feel it’s absolutely pointless going for an interview if I can’t get through the doors or dealing with the uncomfortable look of the interviewer’s face when I show up in the chair. I’d really like to ask if you guys think I am handling this correctly or if anyone can give some advice about job hunting and using a wheely. Also, can anyone suggest any other types of jobs suitable to do in a wheely? Thanks for any replies

Hi Tillymoo

I would have thought that any job which can be done sitting down can be done from a wheelchair so any admin, data input, IT job, call centre etc.

Regarding accessible buildings and suitable environments you could try asking the Disability Employment Adviser at your local JobCentre Plus.

Some other useful organisations are:

Pluss - Telephone 080091 77792

Remploy - Telephone 0800 136 7656

Shaw Trust - Telephone 01225 716 300

I picked up a booklet about Work and MS at the family fun day this weekend and it has loads of useful information in it. The organisations I have listed above all support disabled people to find work so may be of help to you.

Good luck in finding a job with a supportive employer and that is really rewarding.

Tracey x

Great! Thanks Tracey for the links and info. Not heard of them before so will check those out. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good luck with the job search. I think you are approaching this is a very sensible positive way. There aee loads of jobs you and your wheely will be excellent at completing togethe.

It was a great day at the zoo on Saturday and there was some excellent information available. I feel like I am armed with so much useful stuff now. Tbh, I picked up the work brochure as my school is likely to change to an academy soon and I’m a little worried about my future as it will involve a change of contract. I’m so glad it has been useful so soon :slight_smile:

T x

Hi, yes I think you are handling this in the correct way. Good luck withyour job searching. Cheryl:-)