Employment law advice needed

Can anyone recommend an employment lawyer with experience of disability discrimination, in the Yorkshire area? I am a teacher and i have MS and am experiencing real intimidation from my employer. Any advice welcome, I don’t know where to go for help, the union have not been much use.

I don’t have a personal recommendation but I Googled “Disability Discrimination Solicitor Yorkshire” and got loads of hits – the trouble is you don’t know if they are any good.

I am disappointed with your Union. They should be your first port of call. Have you been in touch with the area rep or just the person at your school? You may need to push it up the tree a bit.

ACAS are a good source of employment help.

The Disability Law Service has a dedicated MS Legal Officer – perhaps they can help (don’t want to put the URL but you can Google them)

CAB will have a list of local solicitors who specialize in employment etc but it is not always easy to connect with them if you are working.


Which area of Yorkshire and I’ll have an ask around for you ?

Are you a member of the atl union. If so, they should help as have close association with solicitors. My wife works for law firm in Leeds that have employment solicitors. Neil

Hi there I am in Suffolk but have had a mad 2 weeks with school (I am a secondary teacher) sorting out my timetable for next year. They have me 0.6 over 3 days rather than 4. Anyhow, I am with NASWT and spoke to their disability officer for eastern who was brilliant and drafted my initial email to my head for me. Subsequently got in touch with disability law service who book you in for a phone interview who were also great. Took an advocate in with me to latest meeting and all is rectified. Fortunately my head is incredibly supportive. Do feel free to PM me if you need any other advice. I really hope whatever your situation is it gets sorted with minimal stress. I have been all over the place whilst mine was getting sorted. Kx

Sorry having a muddled day today. Meant 0.6 over 4 days rather than the 3 I requested as a reasonable adjustment!!

Thanks for all your support and advice. I have contacted the disability law service and asked for an interview and my NUT rep has referred me to the regional caseworker and legal team so I hope I’ll get some help now. It’s just so awful to be treated this way. I was only diagnosed last year and this has been my first sick leave in twelve years at the school. I cannot believe how cruel and nasty my employer has been. I always thought disabled people would be treated with fairness and respect - what an eye opener this has been!