access to work recommendations

Hi everyone, I had my access to work assessment today and was pleased with what he said he is going to recommend; however, my headteacher probably won’t be as pleased as he didn’t realise that he would have to pay a %. Does anyone know if my school would have to follow the recommendations and what could I do if they didn’t?? Emma

I am just going through an issue with my employer taking ages to get my equipment due to corporate red tape. I am about to raise an internal grievance. I spoke to access to work and they suggested I seek legal advice. Hoping won’t have to go that far.Hope the internal process will make them make a decision I have given them 4 months. Hopefully you won’thave an iissues. Barney

That all sounds rather stressfull for you…i really wouldn’t put it past my head to be the same… i can imagine that he thinks having a disabled member of staff is not good for the reputation of his school…hopefully i am wrong!

I hope you are wrong too. My immediate boss has been great and keeps battling for me. But itis stressful as wwell as having to cope with getting back to work ful time after major rrelapse and dx

I’m fairly sure that most Local Authorities have an Equality Policy for students and staff so if things aren’t going smoothly I would respectfully refer your headmaster to that. If that doesn’t work you can always go above his head (no pun intended) and go straight to your Local Authority.

Tracey x