I am newly diagnosed so am a bit of a novice when it comes to all things MS. What I have noticed is the genuine care, concern and interest from everybody who contributes to this site. Everybody has empathy with the comments made, because we all have some sort of understanding (to various degrees) with what people are feeling. Unlike the two “posh boys” who use the phrase as a sound bite, to curry favour, WE really are “all in this together”. Have a pleasant evening.

hi n welcome to the site, i hope we can help with any questions or concerns you have, everyones really nice n very helpful here, ive asked alot of questions here that i thought were silly but found out that they werent and others totally understood, so welcome to the family. vicki

Hi allyh38,

I got my dx about 17 months ago and the best thing I ever done was join this site, the people on here are so friendly and I always get and read brilliant advice.

You have a great evening too


Totally agree x I was diagnosed last Monday but have been a member for just over a year and it has been a haven for me. Sam :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Ally,

Sorry to hear of your dx, but as the others have said any questions, moans, rants you feel like getting off your chest we will always listen and try to help you. Look after yourself.



Hi, a lot of information on this site and somewhere to hide when sick of everyone asking ‘how are you feeling’ and they have lost interest in the whole breakdown of ‘how you are truely feeling’! Not only the rants but the good things that happen as well get appreciated!

I second that.

luv Pollx