Not sure if my last post got posted - or I am just being ridiculously impatient! :wink: Instead of writing it all out again… Did anyone have an EMG with their MRI for diagnosis. Not sure if this is a usual thing?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Laura

I believe the EMG is done to rule out peripheral nerve damage, or damage where the peripheral nerve root connects to the spinal cord and may be become injured or irritated by compression from a damaged disc or piece of bone. These things can also cause muscle weakness, tingling or paralysis, as can MS. It is not a test for MS because it isnt looking for damage in the Central Nervous System ie the spinal cord or brain. However, you may have had other tests to look at that.


Yes, I did my research on EMG, although appreciate the advice! I just wondered if it was normal to have this test as well. I guess symptoms could be a few things.

I had my MRI a month ago, haven’t even thought about it but now wondering a lot!