elephant legs on a human body

Hi I’ve been reading though some of the threads and what I have found interesting is that we all have different ways of describing our symptoms. I’d like to know what yous all call your symptoms and the analogies yous use to describe them for example when my legs feel really heavy and really hard and sore to move I either say its like having elephant legs on a human body or iron man without his hydraulics. So what analogies do you use :slight_smile: Tasha x

elephant legs is a good one, i have them too.

just before my dx i described my legs as giraffe legs because i felt like my knees were bending the wrong way.

my consultant and my ms nurse both liked to hear how i described it!

carole x

Hi Tasha,

Sometimes I get stabbing pains when it happens I think “who’s got the voodoo doll now!”

My general description for MS is like the last person at the party, who you didn’t want to invite anyway and now they won’t leave. You’re ready for bed but they’re hanging around and even though you don’t want to, you know that you’ll cook them a breakfast in the morn cos you’re too damn polite not to it.

Take care



i’m not at all polite with my ms. i’ve used some really foul language even shocking myself!!

carole x


i don’t personnally call my legs anything but my very good friend calls me flappy when i lose control of them hahaha

think you need a sense of humour with this disease xx

Give us some examples Carole Don’t worry you can use loads of these #@£%* hehe.

Eddie Izard legs is popular in this house…27 marathons in 27 days…I may incredibly, disrespectfully have that number wrong…but it was incredible. Catherine Xx

Oh and… You #%^*+=$ <>€$¥?! {}~# illness !!! Xx

When my leg is bothersome I liken it to having a concrete shoe on. When my arm acts up I say it’s like I was lifting weights all day the day before.