Electric Mobility Scooters

I live approximately 1 mile from the town center in Surrey.
I currently have, on loan, 2 electric mobility scooters.
The first one being a 3 wheel e-foldi travel scooter and the second one being a Solax S3021.
My problem is that whilst the e-foldi is more comfortable as it has inflatable tyres however it is unable to traverse the cross slopes and mud filled dips on the neglected footpath running beside the roadway. On many of the cross slopes it tips over and on the mud filled dips the front wheel just slides and spins. Also in places the foot path is overgrown with trees / hedges and is also under the prescribed minimum width.
The Solax has 4 wheels but they are both smaller than those on the e-foldi and are also solid. That said it is stable on the cross slopes and, provided that I lean well forward, is able to power through the mud filled dips allbeit it nearly stands on its rear wheels. However, due to its small solid wheels, lack of suspension and condition of the foot path I get severe vibration through the handle bars and have to stop every couple of hundred yards to restore blood circulation to my hands.
I have tries to buy a 4 wheel travel scooter with either inflatable or cushion tyres but every time that I explain the condition of the Council “maintained” roadside footpath they all decline to proceed with the sale.
I know there is lots of legislation in place re the minimum widths and minimum heights of trees/ hedging that is overgrowing footpaths but Surrey County Council seem very reluctant to comply.
Has anyone got any suggestions to either get around being blocked from buying a different FOLDING travel scooter or getting Surrey County Council to clear these footpaths?
Thanks in advance.

Have a look at supascooter range. The sports model might do it for you. Pneumatic tyres and well sprung upholstered seat. Quite narrow and folds with seat separated. Or breaks into parts for transport.

I am looking for an aircraft / travel friendly fold up travel scooter so I can return the 2 that I have borrowed. I don’t have that much storage space.

Not sure if this helps but I have two folding scooters. One is a CareCo Minimus - 4 wheels and folds up easily, relatively light and I can lift it in an out of the car. However, It’s not exactly a comfortable ride - fairly small solid tires and a small fairly hard seat. Good for flat surfaces e.g I use it around the shale type paths of our local RSPB reserve and I use it on sloping and relatively steep pavements. On bumpy rough surfaces however, it’s a bit tiring.

The other is a 3 wheeled Moving Life ‘Atto’. Mine is solid tyres but it think they do flexing tyre version which might be worth looking at. I like the Atto - looks good, very robust ( I’ve used it on rocky, rough paths in Scottish glens) and is fairly stable. On muddy ascending slopes the front wheel can spin. It’s heavier than the Minimus but splits into two parts which I can manage without trouble (the adverts over optimistically show them being lifted easily into aircraft overhead storage racks. I think that would be beyond me!).