Electric devices for MS

I was thinking this morning, how many different electrical devices, I use to help with my MS.

  • Electric fan heater
  • Electric rotation cooling fan
  • Electric blanket
  • Food mixer
  • Circulation booster
  • Vibrational massage arm

Feel free to add to this list, if you use anything electrical for your MS. It could turn out to be a long list.

Electric wheelchair Electric bed Rise and recline chair I will probably think about more later Terry. Pam x

I didn’t mention the good stuff. It’s amazing how much us robots rely on power. Just been to the cinema to watch Pacific Rim Uprising. A very good film indeed. Been a cracking day, dispite some time lord stealing an hour. I best charge all my devices.

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Definitely my power wheel chair… brilliant invention ! They’ve just changed my batteries again, I wore them out and they’ve changed my wheels …I was driving on bald tires! My other thing is my mobile phone …I never bothered taking it with me before I was disabled I refused to be ruled by it . But now I wouldn’t go anywhere without it , it’s sad really but I feel vulnerable now. Michelle and Frazer xx

And added to that list is my heated throw when I come home frozen to the bone it’s brilliant

Electric toothbrush - don’t need so much fine motor skills to get clean teeth

I couldn’t manage without a mobility scooter. One for posh, one for the large garden. Both second hand on eBay. Also got a power plate for exercise and hot tub to get some circulation going. I’m holding out for a robotic butler.