elecric shocks

Hi All

I keep getting electric shock type pains randomly over my body

They feel like someone’s using a taser on me

They hit in one area like a bolt of lightening then sort of split into smaller ones

When they first hit, if it’s on one of the larger muscles say my leg it just collapses

If it’s my arm, I end up dropping what ever I’m holding

I’ve never had this before

I’m hoping it’s temporary from a virus or something

I’ve read there are drugs available for nerve pain, but they look quite scary

Do you know if they are addictive?

Thank you for any advice


the nerve pain drug i take and swear by is amitriptyline. i used to get pain like sitting on broken glass. it took it away. i take 75mg at night. it causes me no side effects. but not everyone can tolerate them.#


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That’s me , feel like an electric eel most of the time.

Take amitriptyline , help me sleep at night as I notice it more when still.

Ask your Dr.

Jen x

cannabis and no it is not addictive

Thanks for the advice folks , I tried cannabis once but I felt terrible my head felt like it was going to burst, I know some people swear by it , I wish it would work for me but it made me feel worse Thanks again

I take pre gablin for the same thing I think it like electric and tooth ache at the same time mostly in my legs. I have sciatic pain as well which I’m afraid drops me and I do take multiple ibuprofen and paracetamol daily to help pregablin as it does appear to struggle. They keep upping my dose and like you im scared long term as im only 26. Hope you get sorted Mully! P.s I wouldn’t say addictive but I couldn’t be without mine