Elbow/Achilles tendon pain

Does anyone know how to reduce tendon pain in achilles and elbows?

I potter around as much as possible which keeps joint pain down but I cant seem to ease the tendon pain…feels like an elastic band stretched so tight its going to snap. Also in wrist but not as sore.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Love Gill

hi gill

have you seen a physio? they’ll probably suggest some stretching exercises.

also i reccommend an aromatherapy massage, may not help your tendons but what a lovely way to spend a morning!

carole x

Im about to go to gp with the same problem, really sore achiles tendons in both legs and so painful in the morning i can hardly get down the stairs. Dont want to make it any worse… Will let you know what gp says. X

have you an ms nurse,if so ask her for a referel to a neuro physio,who will give you some simple stretching excercises to help ease the pain, i am going through the same at the moment.

J x