Early signs, needing some support

Hi, I am experiencing signs of MS and working with my Dr to rule out a diagnosis. Makes things interesting in that I’m also perimenopausal. It’s a little reassuring to read about how complicated it can be to diagnose symptoms either way! I had just about given up on continuing with the diagnostic process, but that’s not in my best interest. Hoping to get some of other’s experience with the early diagnostic process. Thank you all for being here💗 to support each other.

Ah sorry to hear that getting a diagnosis has been hard for you. Think the only reason they pushed to get my diagnosis quick was to get me out of the hospital bed as soon as possible.

Hi there, in my case the diagnosis was quite straightforward- I had optic neuritis and was sent for an MRI. What sort of symptoms have you been experiencing?

I’m sorry to hear that obtaining a diagnosis has been challenging for you. What specific symptoms have you been facing?

It’s not sure how relevant it is, but some of this may be of interest if only to confirm what you already about how confusing the picture can be! I’m post-menopausal and I do regard HRT as part of my armoury for managing MS.