Ear pain anyone?

This isn't the first time I've experienced this. I can't remember exactly when I noticed but some time a few months ago I must've had the same too. Basically I have a dull burning pain around the tragus of my ear (thats the flappy bit in your ear). It's not bothersome unless I press or sleep on it and it really hurts then. Could this just be related to the trigeminal neuralgia?

I've also had the odd episode of my hearing going funny. I was talking to a patient explaining a procedure and my hearing suddenly sounded far off like down a tunnel in one ear and it lasted for about a few minutes and then it was fine. It's happened a few times too.

I just thought it was strange and as it's happened a few times wondered whether any one else had experienced anything similar.




I'd guess it's the TN causing the pain. As far as the tunnel hearing goes, I get it too occasionally, but I have no idea if it's MS-related. (I do have bilateral tinnitus though, and that is definitely MS.)

Karen x

hi Reemz

I don’t get pain in my Tragus, but I do get a stabbing pain deep inside the ear.

I can identify with the far away sound thing though! Oddly when in conversaton with people I find it hard to hear them sometimes, but I find other sounds make my whole head…including teeth hurt! The TV makes my ears ring, particular TV shows like Hanna Bloody Montana and other kids shows are the worst. Like Karen I think this I likely to be tinnitus.

In your case it could well be TN, although I would have thought this would follow the nerve down a bit and not be so local, though I am sure there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to MS or any other nerve damage.

Hope this helps.

Thank you guys. My TN symptoms included my face (I had facial pain, jaw spasms, stabbing in my eye) over the last 3 weeks but it's all coming to an end I hope apart from this ear pain flare up.

I googled tinnitus out of interest as I've always thought it has to be ringing. I now realise the episodes of intermittent buzzing I've experienced a few times sound like tinnitus! I thought it was nothingt though I've had it happen at least a handful of times. I'm also hyper sensitive to certain noises too.

I don't tell anyone about these things because sometimes it seems so strange and because they're not there all the time I question myself just in case I'm reading too much into things.

It's good to know I'm not the only one with these strange ailments. This forum is fantastic for things like this - I'd be carrying on wondering if I'm imaging stuff or if other people have this happen too otherwise.

Thanks again



Hi Reemz - my first symptom a year ago was a roaring/whoosing in my left ear which was only there when triggered by deep rumbling noises like trucks going by or low planes overhead when it was our turn for the flight path and my son's car racing xbox games, the weir etc. sometimes even the hum of the computer would set it off. If there was no noise I was fine. I also had pain running up the side of my head, behind that ear from my neck to my temple. It only went when my big 'attack' which started early Nov and ended early Jan went - the ear thing went then too. 

Hope you don't suffer too badly, it's certainly a miserable one!


Hi D

thankfully I haven't had the buzzing in a while but certainly I remember vivid episodes of it when I had my first attack of symptoms can't remember any specific triggers at the time. Talking of neck issues before my real known episode started I had acute torticollis of my neck which I went to the physio for.

Since I've had what I think is TN I have occasional pain from my neck up to my ear and then from there up to temple too but I also got borring or stabbing eye pain which isn't pleasant and I had jaw spasm which was terrible. I went for a contact lens assessment today and that seems to have triggered the pain off again so feeling a bit worse for wear.

It agree it's a miserable one. Hopefully my pain killers will kick and it'll die down or else I'll be sleeping lots this weekend!

Thank you for sharing your story Deb, though I'm sorry you've had to go through similar symptoms as it's really not nice I'm glad what I'm saying makes sense.