Ear Ache?

Does anyone get a pain sort of in their ear or jaw sharp, comes and goes? I have had it since yesterday. I cant say its in my ear, its very odd, almost deep in my head by my ear oh dear cant really explain. I have had ear aches all my life this doesnt feel like an ear ache per se.

My head aches a bit too. Should I talk to my GP or just ride it out? I have just gotten over a UTI been on antibiotics so would be surprised if its an infection.

My legs are bad too, fizzing, tingling, burning and I feel a bit rough I must admit.

Oh I have had TA, but that was more in my right jaw and the pain was rank. This is more like sharp coming and going pain.

Thanks friends, and have a lovely weekend to you all. xxx

Does sound like trigeminal neuralgia.

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Crazy Chick I agree with Spacejacket. Sounds like TN. Is that what you mean by TA?

I get it too. It goes from my ear down to my jaw. Comes and goes and is caused by MS.

I increase Amitriptyline when I have it.

Read more about TN on Internet. It’s possible that even if you’ve had it before it now feels different.

Pat xx

Hi guys, ok thanks, I wondered if it was TA, but last time it was more in my jaw. I am stressed ATM, so i expect I have triggered it off myself. Thanks for answering. xxx

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