DWP: New PIP Guidance

The Secretary of State also announced measures to reduce the most severely disabled benefit claimants having their awards unnecessarily reviewed.

"Personal Independence Payment covers some of the extra costs caused by long term disability or ill-health.

New guidance will ensure that people who are awarded the highest level of support under Personal Independence Payment, and whose needs are expected to stay the same or increase, will receive an ongoing award, with a ‘light touch’ review every 10 years so they no longer have to have their needs re-examined.

Previously this was going to only be applicable for new claims, but the Secretary of State has now taken steps to ensure this also applies to existing claims.

This is to ensure that for disabled people who need extra support, the system is designed to be as seamless as possible while minimising any unnecessary stress or bureaucracy."

But does this apply to ESA???

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last year i was given a 10 year award.

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So am I reading this correct I have 2 yrs left from a 3 yr award higher on both living and mobility does that mean because it’s current it will come under this new legislation for an automatic 10 yr award I’m ppms and my symptoms are getting worse

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Oh phew!!

I’d realised that the previous ‘light touch’ review was only going to apply to new claims, so was geared up to have to reapply when my existing 10 year entitlement runs out. Even though it’s years away, I was already dreading it!

Drummer Boy, I have a feeling it might only apply to people with 10 year awards at the maximum rate for both. But I truly hope I’m wrong. I have no idea why they would give only a 3 year award to someone with PPMS!! They must think you might get better!

And I too really hope it applies to ESA. I don’t want to have to prove just how useless I am again. It is stressful, hard bloody work (!) and has the effect of making me feel positively ill!


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I’m confused now. When I had my very first initial assessment prior to my ms dx I got the lower rate on dvla, then when I got the dx for ppms I asked for a reassessment that’s when I got the higher rate for everything and as I said I’ve gone through the first 12 months and I kind of read it as it was anyone who currently had a higher award regardless of time period, oh well I have more than enough evidence for them.

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Ignore the dvla hit that’s my ms fingers I meant dla

Obviously, I may have got this wrong DB, I just made the assumption when the first announcement about ‘light touch reviews’ was made (in the summer), that it only applied to people who had been given a 10 year award period. Nowhere does this appear clear, either in the first press release in June or today’s revised announcement. So it may well apply to everyone with maximum awards and long term conditions that mean they are unlikely to ‘get better’.

I hope so.


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Id give anything to swap my pip to not having ms at the moment I’m struggling with the dreaded hug and can hardly walk because of my back so dwp you take my ms away and I’ll gladly give you my pip

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Too bloody right, they could have mine too if they’d accept the swap!

I suffer from secondary progressive MS. MY PIP is due to be reviewed next week and have never heard anything from DWP & don’t understand why, even though they claimed that they would inform me in good time. Does has anybody experienced anything similar? Does anybody know how to deal with this situation?

I think if this is the case then we all should receive a letter to confirm this, I’ve got spms, I was awarded high rate mobility and middle rate care for 4yrs, I couldn’t understand why I only got middle rate when my husband took early retirement to look after me, he practically does everything for me now, anyway I never said anything because I didn’t wan to rock the boat, also about the 4yrs, if they think this is going away they live in cloud cuckoo land, I mention the letter only because when it comes to getting a blue badge we need it, I know it won’t happen, but if I don’t hear from them before my badge is up, then I’ll have to ring. It’s a bloody joke for people like us who have enough to cope with.

You need to ring them and find out what is happening as your money could stop altogether. They might have done a paper assessment and not told you, that’s if you already get enhanced for mobility and care. Or the other option is you were given a short award which means they do not inform you or send out renewal forms. You have to do this yourself.

So please do ring and find out what is going on.

I get standard rate pip at the moment as I have rrms and don’t get mobility but that may change when I have my assessment next year. I definatley don’t understand the re-assessments on people with ppms or sppms. My mom has has just had an assessment to change from dla to pip. I don’t understand why she had to go through an assessment. She had a brain hemorage 13 yrs ago and nearly died. She has been given higher rate dla since then.

If you look at the dates on this thread it was started in 2018. So quite out dated now. PIP is quite seperate to ESA or UC, which is replacing it in many parts of the country. Deb - PIP is replacing DLA and everyone has to go thru assessment, even its a complete waste of time… they change the questions and try and move the goalposts.