DWP medical assessment.

I’m probably leaving this a bit late and I’m new here (hi) but I have one of these dreaded medical assessments on Monday. Now my MS nurse and my doc have both said answer everything and act like it’s your worst day. This is all well and good but I feel it’s kinda like lying. On good days you’d be hard pushed to notice anything ‘wrong’ with me, however on a bad day I stuggle to even get out of bed.

If they decide to take away my DLA (or whatever the hell they call it now) I’ll be in big trouble. I have two children (6 and 10) and without my mobility car I would have to walk them to school (I have no one else I can ask to do it). Now for someone without health issues this isn’t a big deal to walk this far but for me it would be virtually impossible.

This whole thing is really stressing me out and as I’m sure you all know stress is the last thing an MS sufferer needs.

Does anyone have any experience with these medicl assessments? Am I worried for no good reason?