I have been trying once again to update my 3year driving licence, I again sent the paperwork of in September for renewal at the end of October. Once again I have had constant DVLA letters telling me that my Consultant has yet to respond, I have monthly either placed my reminder under his office door and twice into his hands. I then received another letter telling me that they are contacting my GP. Today I received another letter telling me that I must go for a medical examination with an unknown DVLA doctor, it is in an extremely rural area and I will need to take a day off work which will not be looked on favourably. The worst part is they require me to provide a urine sample under observation. When did we become sub human and treated as dangerous and criminal drivers. I AM SO BEYOND ANGRY I AM NOT EVEN SURE WHERE TO START. Has anyone else been asked for a witnessed urine drug test?

Have they changed the rules ?

Ring them and speak to someone and get answers.

urine sample under supervision totally not right!!! you are not a criminal you have an illness never heard anything more ridiculous …

for want of a better word… LOL.

It took me two years to get my licence back! Put a formal complaint in via the government website, that is what I did!