DVLA and Opticneuritis

Hi folks,

I’m new to the site, and looking for a bit of advice. I have lived with MS since I was 15 years old (29 now), my first symptom of MS was opticneuritis which I had at the age of 14, It cleared up almost completely after a few weeks but I still have blurred vision in one eye which will never recover fully, I passed my driving test at 18 and have held a 3 year license ever since, but every time it comes to renewing I can’t remember what all has been said before. As I was discharged from the opthalmologist care before being diagnosed fully with MS I’m not sure if it’s ever been noted by my MS consultants to the DVLA of the previous instance of O.N or if I ever mentioned it at the beginning when I got my license as I was told I still had 20/20 vision with glasses and wouldn’t stop me driving. DVLA seem to make things harder everytime it comes to renewing and I was just wondering if I should disclose about the fact I had O.N 14 years ago that doesn’t really affect me anymore? Anyone else have the same problem?

I have had no relapses or symptoms since starting tysabri 3 years ago and long may it continue.