Due to get results on wednesday

So I posted last year when I had just seen my neuro dr I seemed to be having a ‘flare’ but not yet diagnosed it lasted From october till just before christmas, I went of work and had lots Of rest and felt like me again! Yay I was relieved. However I returned to work beginning of Jan was fine for the first Week, then just slight tingling and numbness to then my leg been unable to Work,flex or owt, sharp pains in my head come and go only last a few seconds And now my arm just feels like a dead arm and struggling with fatigue Just feel like I haven’t slept quite alot of the time heavy and achey pain… Just want these results then I can take it from their and hopefully get the Proper help!. Ino alot of you have gone through the grueling process And how long it takes after 3 years of when I first started with little symptoms To now. What a relief it will be once everything comes in. Sorry for going on just having a fed up day,

I can relate (as I’m sure lots of people on here can). Had my MRI on 23rd December and waiting for the post everyday with the results has been the worst wait of all… gruelling.

hopefully you’ll get some answers soon!

Good luck tomorrow Flaran, hopefully you will get some answers tomorrow. I also took unwell in October got double vision when driving which passed quickly but frightened me, was off for a week on holidays rested loads as was struggling with fatigue, when back to work and struggled on for a couple of weeks then went to G.P, got bloods done but she suggested might need neuro referral.

Bloods back folate and ferritin low, put on tablets, repeat bloods, off work due to fatigue, pains, tingling etc. Last bloods iron now all ok symptoms persisting, referred for MRI which i had two weeks ago. G.P said would be back in 7-10 days but radiologist said 4-6 weeks unless G.P following up.

Phoned G.P last week and she read radiologist summary but didn’t understand it so i have to wait until neurologist reports back on it. Apparently i have three nonspecific legions in the right hemisphere, from what I can gather from google these may or may not be related to MS as they are not specific to any condition.

I am hoping I will be referred for a further MRI with contrast of spine and head but fear they may discharge me and await a re-referral if there are further developments. The wait is the worst i think isn’t it? mind works overtime. I believe i could cope better if i had a diagnosis as i would know what i was dealing with.

At present i have been off work since the start of December (went back week before Christmas as knew it would be an easy week but i wasn’t fit for it and ended up worse). For me the fatigue, vertigo and brain fog is the worst. I would probably perform ok in physical exams also so unsure what will happen. I know myself something isn’t right as up until last week i wasn’t driving as didn’t feel well enough, was dizzy and didn’t feel confident in my spacial awareness. Also i find myself going to do something then forgetting what i was doing or saying something and forgetting simple words, i feel like i am losing the plot!

Anyway hope we all get answers soon. Keep us posted.

I feel like a diagnosis of some sort would help… at least I’d have a clearer idea of anything I can do to help the situation, whether it is something that will pass etc (Im passed thinking this is something that will pass, was hoping for that a few years ago!). Nothing in the post today so hoping again for tomorrow… Fingers crossed for everyone waiting for any results!

Hi Flaran so did you get the results?

My own experience of getting results was to get a telephone call from a Consultant one evening at 5 pm. I was sitting in my car in my driveway. My little dog was beside me. He asked me if I was at home and if there was anyone with me. I am thinking oh crikey this must be bad. Although I had been under threat of MS for 20 plus years it was not in my mind that was what it was. I likely was thinking oh no I am not long for this world, I have a brain tumour etc. Anyway I have 10 lesions consistent with MS, ie demylinating illness. See Neurologist and MS nurse early March. I would not be expecting a result to pop through letter box telling me I had it.

Hi, so now you know what youre dealing with and that you are not going to pop your clogs.....English saying, if youre from elsewhere! Take it steady chuck xx

No… still waiting… still chasing…

Yeh you would think it would be on the phone but secretary said that it’s all done through letters not by phone

I think diagnoses should be given in person and by the neuro doing your tests. Letters contain medical jargon we don’t understand and a phonecall is too sudden and we cant take it all in.

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I agree with Boudica405. I think the results should be given in person. I got a letter full of medical jargon and had to google most of it to know what it meant.