Drugs Drugs Drugs

Reading some recent posts it struck me just how many different drugs pwms are taking.

May be interesting to compile a list –

just name the drugs and post your message.

I have PPMS diagnosed 1973 and only take one drug MS9 (diluted snake venom)


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So sick people are on lots of medicines! Who’d have thought it, eh?

What do you hope to learn from compiling a list?

Are you concerned about the apparent lack of uniformity?

I see that as a positive thing, not negative. We know that MS is a very personal illness - not everyone gets the same symptoms. And what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

So personally, I’m glad to be able to pick and mix what works best for me, and not just have a set menu that says: “Well, you’ve got MS, so you should be on this, this and this.”

I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood your reasons for wanting to list them all.

For the record: Baclofen, Quinine, Diazepam (routinely), Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Codeine (each as needed), Oral contraceptive (eases worsening of symptoms associated with monthly cycle), Vitamin D3 (not prescribed, but neuro recommended). Calcium & magnesium - when I remember to buy any. Again, not prescribed, but recommended. I think that’s all of it!


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Baclofen for spasms.

Propranolol for tremor.

Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain.

Vit D3 as recommended bey MS nurse

Antihistamine unrelated to MS.

Jan x

such a public forum for such private details. i’ll pass.


I’ll pass too, three times a day after meals.


I’m surprised you’re on here at all, what with the police protection and all… :wink:

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Amitriptylne 20 mg per day but in the process of stopping it. Interesting cos someone else thinks it is for neuropathic pain but I was prescribed it to help me to sleep and a mild antidepressant

Clonazepam, stop stiffness

Gabapentin, neuropathic pain

Tizanadine, stop tremors, a longer lasting baclofen

Tropsium, stop bladder spasms

Amantadine, about to start


Amitriptyline is also given to children who wet the bed. One of the good side effects for me is I no longer wake during the night to go to the loo.

Just the legal ones!!!

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Clonazepam - for spasms

baclofen - for stiffness

amitriptyline - for nerve pain

tecfidera - DMD

zopiclone - occasionally to help me sleep

plus: vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium & magnesium

And movicol plus occasional caster oil for bowels

previously: pregabalin, gabapentin, modafinil, amantadine, Tysabri, copaxone, avonex,

Can I push my luck and say no… :wink:

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36 tablets a day and counting

Course you can push your luck Carraboy​ I might need a bigger page though & prepare myself for a knock at my door

Ha ha… Ello, ello, ello…