Name that drug

Just how many different drugs/medication are being prescribed for pwms

Just name the drug(s) you’re on and say if it’s effective or not.


I take

Baclofen 30mg per day - no help at all, but I think it does help most people

Tizanidine 20mg per day - some help but side effects are pretty unpleasant

Detrusitol - very helpful but effects reduced by Baclofen and Tizanidine


Cladribine twice a year for 2 years (an experimental form of chemo being used as an oral DMD) - No relpases in last 9 months since starting it :slight_smile:

Baclofen 50mg - helps the spasticity but doesn’t get rid of it

Sodium Valproate - 600mg for migraine prevention and neuropthis pain. Great for pain, cr*p and stopping migrasines

Tegretol 400mg - for trigeminal neuralgia. A godsend. Literally couldn’t function without it

Vit D 4000iu - due to deficiency, slowly increasing my nmols and will saty on it as a preventative ‘got to be doing something good’ drug :slight_smile:

Magnesium - restless legs, helps a lot

Valium 5mg - as needed for breakthrough spasms

Citalopram 40mg - antidepressant.


PRESCRIBED MEDS, per day unless otherwise stated:

Rebif 44mcg (3 times a week) - it’s working (YAY!): back to back relapses 2010/11, one very mild one very early on into Rebif injections but nothing in the 7 months since :slight_smile:

Baclofen 3 x 10mg - for spasms: it works, but I’ve just reduced it by 10mg to check I needed 40mg and it turned out that 30mg is fine. I might try 20mg soon…

Modafinil 2 x 100mg - for fatigue: lifesaver.

Pregabalin 2 x 75mg - for neuropathic pain & spasms: it works - probably should take a bit more, but what’s left of pain is manageable and it took me ages to build up to this dose.

Omeprazole 1 x 20mg - for IBS symptoms: tbh, I’m not sure if this is doing anything, but it does seem to work in tandem with…
Spasmonal Forte 2 x 120mg - for digestive spasms / IBS: it works.

Loperamide 1 x ?mg (can’t remember) - for chronic diarrhoea / IBS: it works.

Vitamin B2 400mg - for migraine prevention: it works!!! (recommended by a migraine specialist).

Sumatriptan 100mg as needed - for migraine: it works.

Domperidone 10?mg as needed - for nausea (caused by migraine and IBS): it works.

Zopiclone 5mg as needed - for insomnia: it works, but I take them as little as possible.


Paracetamol 500mg as needed - 8 on Rebif days & variable for migraine, with the sumatriptan

Vitamin D3 5,000iu a day alternating with 10,000iu a day - who knows, but it’s not doing me any harm and my levels used to be too low.

Vitamin B12 500mcg - who knows, but it seemed like a good idea.

Omega 3 oil 2 x ?mg - who knows, but it was getting good press. Not sure now though because recent research says it doesn’t do anything for MS. I’ve got plenty left though and I don’t want to waste it!

Calcium (with zinc and magnesium) 2 x ?mg - my levels get low when I don’t supplement and there is oesteoporosis in the family.

Can’t think of anything else (there’s a joke in there somewhere, when you look at the length of this list :-)).

Karen x

Just realised, I should have put that the B2 helps massively to prevent migraine, but I do still get some (for which I take the sumatriptan and domeridone).


Hi, my list is similar to Karens and Belindas, but here goes

Amitriptyline…75mg at night for nerve pain…this is a wonder drug for me, as I had excrutiating pain in my thighs and bum cheeks

Baclofen…30mg a day…it reduces spasms and spasticity…but not enough.can`t increase it as it makes me unable to weight bear

Quinine…300mg at night, for restless legs…quite good

I also take 3 types meds for high BP,

Laxido and senna for constipation.

simvastatin to lower cholesterol

lansoprazole for acid reflux, due to being squashed up all day in a wheelchair!

other non script meds;

omega 3


That`s it!

luv Pollx

Thanks - didn’t realise one individual vould be on so many different drugs!

I’m taking rebif 44 - yes its working!

Vitamin d3 (5000iu) and multivitamin - no idea if helping or not. Will have blood test later in year to see if vit d level has gone up as my last test was slightly low so started suppliments. Not sure whether to start vit b also!

My list is quite short! lol!!

Teresa. x

I find ldn to be pleasingly effective.

Betaferon. Works very well.