So much medication!

I was diagnosed with ppms last year. Recently I was in hospital for three weeks with a uti which really effected my mobility.
Every time a dr did a ward round they seemed to prescribe me medication! I’m now home and taking so many tablets - Gabapentin, baclofen, Tizanidine, clozaepam, oxybutynin, duloxetine, vit D, paracetamol, ibuprofen gel. I have to take them all in varied doses throughout the day. In hospital I was sometimes unresponsive due to the tablets knocking me out! I’ve also come home with a catheter!
I’ve asked my ms nurse and consultant for a medication review but they just say take what you’ve been prescribed! I’m sure I don’t need so much medication as before I was only on baclofen twice a day! What shall I do?

Hi, as far as I am aware, some of these meds are for the same thing. If neuro and MS nurse wont listen, speak to your GP and say you are concerned about the amount of meds you are on.