Drugs and ms

Around 6 months ago I had a weekend of drugs and alcohol. Cocaine After I felt the usual

anxiety. Panic attacks downer effects that usually come with after effects of coming down. This time it was different though. I noticed some subtle cognitive difficulties and tingling left side ( I think I had this years ago but always put it down to anxiety ).

Went fir for a doctor check up and he had me take an mri and then bang. Suspicion of ms. Now I’m left wondering did the drugs cause the ms , did they cause a relapse , what would have been The situation had I abstained that night , has this highlighted my long dormant ms and it’s a good thing … really confused right now

Hello Jay

To be honest I (gut feeling only) suspect that the taking of drugs, whether they be legal or illegal, uppers or downers, probably have to bearing on the development of MS. Although it might be that this particular weekend did bring your MS to light.

I could be wrong though. We don’t know what causes MS, all that’s known is that there are a myriad of issues that taken together can mean an autoimmune disorder occurs. And drugs taken can add to the environmental, genetic, geographic, gender, viruses encountered, and other random factors that could be responsible for MS or any other autoimmune disease.

Generally though, we probably beat ourselves up about far too much in life to worry too much about whether we did something to make our MS (or other illness) happen. You just have to let it go and deal with what you’ve got rather than worry about the cause.

This obviously assumes that ultimately you will be definitively diagnosed with MS.

Best of luck.