Alcohol + Ecstasy trigger flare-up? (New symptoms after 9 yrs without diagnose)

In March 2011 it began with numbness of the finger and impaired sensation at the touch (for that finger). I got stressed. Within a month, light tingling took up the whole body, increased afterimages in the eyes, floaters in the eyes, fasciculations.After a few weeks, the numbness of the finger went away, but the whole body tingling, fasciculation and intense afterimages remained.
2011: May - Head MRI - ok; July - Neck MRI - ok
2012: February - Visual evoked potential - ok; March - Head MRI - ok; April - Chest MRI - ok

The symptoms persisted, in 2013 neurologist took me to hospital to differentiate MS vs Lyme disease.
2013: March - Cerebrospinal fluid - ok; Head MRI - ok => my neurologist: “MS excluded”

2015 February - Visual evoked potential - ok

Since then I have already given up diagnosing. I calmed down and stopped thinking about symptoms. For 9 years the tingling has been non-stop, increased afterimages etc. Sometimes it happened that I gently numb a part of my body (also the finger, from which it all started in 2011). However, it passed after an hour, maximum a few days.

Now is different. At the end of January 2020 I was at a party where I drank a looot of alcohol and took the half tablet of ecstasy (1st drug in my life). The next day it was ok, but I regretted taking drug when having the neurolgoical symptoms. And I got stressed …

9 days later (February 1st 2020) my finger got numb (same finger as in 2011). This symptom occurred intermittently for more than a week, and after that went away.
But since March 10, the same finger’s numbness has appeared again and continues to this day (sometimes go away for e.g. hour only).

So since 2011 my symptoms have been more or less constant and new ones have disappeared after a few hours or days. Until last weeks…
Could such a mix of half an ecstasy tablet with alcohol have resulted in a flare-up / appearance of MS (9 days after taking)?

So every test you’ve had has come back as OK?

And the Neuro said ‘MS excluded’…I’d guess, although I’m not a Neuro, that you don’t have MS.

You nearly lost me when I got to the ‘lots of alcohol’ & ‘ecstasy’…but you know that was stupid, right?

I’ve no idea if such a combination would cause a relapse (if you already had MS)…but I’m pretty sure that alcohol coupled with ecstasy would not cause a relapse if MS isn’t there to begin with.

Maybe a visit to your GP…whenever that might become possible…for more investigation. Although the symptoms you’ve described, which are annoying, don’t sound unbearable so I’d expect a very long wait…


Thank you!

I regret taking ecstasy and I wont take it anymore, especially with alcohol. But, just curiosity about your opinion - why that mix is so stupid?


I think taking ANY so called ‘recreational’ drugs mixed with alcohol is a stupid thing to do, ms or no ms…


Ok, but why that combo is so bad?

(I am not saying that drugs/alcohol are good or even neutral. I am just curious. Thanks)

Think we have a troll here.

Not me I hope!

No, of course not.

I have insomnia and sometimes headaches. From time to time, I start drinking, and I do this for a few months, after which I follow a detox treatment at the clinic Medical Detox - Monitored Drug & Alcohol Detoxification, and after a while, I start drinking again. I’m sad that’s why I drink; I’ve been alone until now, but a girl recently appeared in my life, and I want to get engaged to her. That’s why I want to stop drinking and build a normal life.