Drug records

are there any figures available for the efficacy (or otherwise!) of different drugs.

Sorry I haven’t got a clue. Sure someone will be able to help you. Janet x

curious as to why there seem to be so many different drugs prescribed to pwms.

Why would you want to know figures??

Some of the drugs are for symptom relief and as everyone is affected differently (having different symptoms to differing extents) it seems unsurprising that there are a wide variety of drugs being used by pwms.

If it’s DMDs you are referring to, I suppose they have differing modes of action and side effects so when prescribing them the doc would have to consider each individual and their case hx…

This tries to explain why there are no real statistics for ABCR drugs only good or bad http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/ABCtreatments.html


Not everyone can tolerate a particular drug whether it is taken for symptom relief or whether it is a DMD so I think it is a good thing that there are so many options. I would be really miserable if there were only one option and I couldn’t tolerate the side effects.

Tracey x