Droopy eyelid

My right eye lid hardly ever stays fully up, at best its sagging halfway over my eye. I think this is to do with MS and Im considering surgery to correct it. Would it work, can it be done? Im PPMS. Thank you.

Same as you. Ppms. Droopy eyelid. Ophthalmologist said not necessarily ms and can happen to anybody. If it bothers me he said a simple operation under local anaesthetic would fix it in ‘in a few minutes’. John

My mum had droopy eyelids and her eye consultant said same as yours, John. She didn’t have MS but was diabetic but again no connection, it just happens apparently. She could have had the operation on the NHS but she didn’t want it so I offered to have it in her place and have a few wrinkles ironed out at the same time …

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Hmmmmmmm. Somebody is a forum member for 2 hours and answers a post from 2013 with links to a website flogging (?) natural remedies. Nothing suspicious about that. No, heaven forbid no Lord no mercy me no :relaxed: