Droopy eye lid

Not been here for such a long time. Just wondering if anyone here has droopy eye lids. I have on one side, some days it more noticeable than other days, my glasses do tend to mask it a bit, however I did fancy trying contact lenses, but I am aware that some days I feel I have one little eye and one big one. I also worry as it does appear to be getting worse, and I worry at some point it will cover my eye, ant tips or advice welcome

Yes I do,its the whole left side of my face its possible it is Bells Palsy but you would need to see your GP.

I never thought my sagging of the whole left side of my face was noticable BUT my neice mentioned it that it was and happened very often.

Yes, its happened to me. It was noticed upon eye examination (after double vision & ON), that one of my eyes wasnt focusing properly because the muscles had weakened causing me to have distorted versiion of the world. The bad eye was straining to try focus but was having difficulty.

See your gp and ask for an eye test - not optician - but hospital. I got prisms put onto my glasses and now their permanent. Apparently an abnormality from birth made worse by ON & resultant muscle weakness.



Hi. Just to say, I too have one droopy eye lid. I have had it for about 2 year. An optician made me aware of it and now everytime I get an eye check I am reminded about it. It does not interfere with my vision.