Eye Drooping

Hello - anyone else ever had one eye looking smaller than the other due to eyelid drooping?

sadly yes, in one relapse whist I was in conversation with a contractor when I lost control of one side of my face with an eyelid droop and the sensation of a battery on one side of my tongue. The guy I was talking to looked terrified. Several months after this relapse I saw the same guy and apologised for scaring him. (At the time I had told my managers about my condition but not my co-workers.)
This episode helped me to share info about my condition, when I told one colleague, he said "good to know cos I just thought you were a clumsy ******* "

Not quite the same - both my eyelids droop a bit, particularly when I’m tired. I don’t have any inner-optical issues but propping up the lids can affect focus. I also suffer with Blepharitis where the eyelids get crusty and sore, so eye lubrication is a constant preoccupation.