Hi all,

my symptoms have been drastically diminished lately, the main reason I haven’t posted in a while. Whether that’s due to the changes I’ve made to diet or B12 supplements, I have no idea.

But one thing has been bugging me over the past 6 months, and I was hoping for some advice.

When I’m tired, I can’t focus too well and have a tendency to go cross-eyed. This is mainly at night-time, although it does occasionally occur at other times of the day when fatigue is kicking in. Let me be clear - this isn’t a debilitating fatigue (which I did have an experience of for about a week a good while back), but is more a standard tiredness that anyone can have at the end of the day or when they’ve slept badly etc.

Question is, should I consider this cross-eyed phenomenon as just my eye muscles getting older (I’ll be hitting the big 50 this year), or should I get it checked out?

The last time I saw an optician was about a year ago, and she did notice that my eye muscles were weakening, but I hadn’t told her about any other of my health issues at the time.

For info, it’s been confirmed that I have damage to small fibre nerves in the legs and one motor nerve in the left foot. Even so, I don’t want to assume every problem I have is automatically connected. Is this eye thing something I should worry about, or should I just mark it down as my body tiring normally with age?

Thanks for any advice



If it’s your eyes, I would say get it checked out. I once had a problem with occasional double vision, but not cross-eyed style, I was seeing two images one above the other. As I say, it was occasional, so I didn’t get it checked for a while.

My optician referred me to the hospital, and by the time the appointment arrived it had cleared up on its own. I still attended and was told it had probably been mild optic neuritis, but they couldn’t be certain. The same thing happened again a couple of years later, but it was even milder than before, and again cleared up on its own.

Luckily there was no lasting damage and it has not returned.

This was quite some time before my MS diagnosis.

  • If in doubt, get it checked -


Thanks for the advice, Ben.

I think I’ve just been avoiding going back to the whole topic. I’ve found this comfortable place where I can forget about it, and then I don’t need to worry about it.

I changed country last summer, so I haven’t seen a single doctor/neuro since then. It’s been heaven!

I think I was hoping someone on the forum would tell me that I didn’t need to worry about it, as it’s only when I’m tired. You are probably right, though. I should get it checked. Though, I sort of feel like I’m opening Pandora’s Box every time I see anyone medical about all this.



I’d also say it’s best to get it checked, just to stop you wondering. MS connected or not, it could be something really easy to treat.

Good luck

Rosina x