driving licence querey

when i was dx 4yrs ago my gp told me not to didn,t matter to meat the time because i was so shocked at my dx that driving was the last thing i wanted to do.anyway i ever got round to telling the dvla about my i want to try and drivr again but i,m unsure what the dvla will do because i didn,t tell them about my ms 4 years ago.i have never driven at all since my dx but i must admit i do now miss not being able to drive myself somewhere always having to rely on others to drive me.has anyone got any idea how the dvla will react to my telling them about my ms.if its going to cause trouble for me i willhave to give up on the idea totally ,i would love to drive again but i really can,t do with any stress from the dvla.

I think I would just download the form from the directgov website and complete it with the relevant details about what medication you are on at the moment etc. Then attach a letter apologising that you haven’t informed them before now but you didn’t realise you were supposed to and that, on your GP’s advice based on your symptoms 4 years ago, you hadn’t driven since diagnosis but now feel well enough to start driving again.

Honesty is often the best policy.

Tracey x

Hi, while I agree with Tracey that honesty is the best policy , I wouldn’t even go into why you hadn’t told them before tbh. I would just fill in the form or just write a letter informing them (briefly) about diagnosis and they can take it from there. I wouldn’t go into why you have n’t told them until now, you can deal with that if they ask. Don’t lie about the dates though, put the correct dates of diagnosis, just don’t give any explanation as to why it has taken so long to tell them. Cheryl:-)

Hi I never realised I had to inform DVLA & it wasnt until 4 1/2 yrs after dx that I informed them. I never gave an explanation as to why I hadnt informed them just filled out the necessary paperwork & sent it in.