Driving Licence & Insurance


My car insurance is up for renewal next month,and i havent got round to notifying both DVLA & insurance company. Just wondered what usually happens to policy’s with standard companys?,or do i need a specialised company? what are typical costs involved compared to standard policy?. And when you hire a car at home/abroad do you have tell that company of condition?

Thanks Lee…

I’m a non-driver, but will tell you what I’ve absorbed from several years on the forum: The insurance Co. are not allowed to increase your premiums, by law, so it won’t affect those at all, and you don’t have to shop around for specialist insurers. They will, however, insist the DVLA has been told - that’s the key thing. If the DVLA’s good with it, so will the insurance company be.

I’m not sure about car hire - presumably insurance is included when you hire, so yes, I would assume they need to know. If it’s in this country, the same should apply - they’re not allowed to hike the premiums. Not sure if similar laws apply elsewhere in the world, though.


Thanks Tina,

I will have to write to DVLA then,luckily ive plenty of time to tell insurance company.

PS. ive written this link twice,as didnt think first one went threw!,but it was being looked at by MS society first.

There is a form on the dvla website for MS you just need to complete that and send it back. Sorry can’t help with hiring cars

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